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 the deep red rose and its thorns have been used to symbolize both the blood of Christ and the intensity of romantic love
A white daisy symbolizes common love.
Yellow Iris symbolizes passion.
Craspedia represents good health.
Borage represents Courage, Bluntness, Abruptness, and Rudeness.

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You don’t really get to choose who you fall for.
It’s embarrassing after all the horrible things I’ve said about him!!!

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TokyoGhoulWeek » Day 6: Judgement. [Fave character developement.]
No, I’m not saying that. I can always surpass you. ❞ -  Kaneki Ken

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Levi and Eren.

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Ocean’s daughter, I thought love was out of reach.

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Happy Halloween, everyone! Transparent Naegi by nanamihajime

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[inspired by]

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"You don’t understand? Is it because you don’t have anyone to love? Is it because you’re also someone who isn’t accepted by anyone?…What a pity. I feel sorry for you."


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Quinckes, likened as human research subjects, possess the power of ghouls.

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進撃の巨人: Military Divisons

Modern Version of this.

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