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Every time he opens his mouth, black poison floods out, making this dim room even darker.


nanami chiaki for vi 



*Spoilers* So interestingly enough, the actual story for the Nanami manga ends with a scene of Komaeda.
They changed the ending because it was the final volume supposedly.
I can only make out a few words…but if someone can translate/scanlate it that would be great!
There are more pages after that..but it’s more like a summary of what has happened with the Trial Point Getters (Hinata, Komaeda and Nanami ) confronting Monokuma at the end. Sorry for the quality.

"I… love hope…"

"From now on, even if something were to happen, I will never betray hope in any way"

"I am always hope’s ally! Don’t forget that"

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 the little things Kaneki is made up of 

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You were so kind to me.. I don't need friends or status anymore.          I only need... To have you by my side! Lacie! 

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I did my best to try and be

a mirror of society

But we both know the mirror’s cracked

And everybody’s in the act

Faking what they cannot feel    

Hoping they can make it real     

Reality is killing me

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Pandora Hearts Meme: Three OTPs
Jack & Lacie